Time & Attendance

Complete Automation and Information — When and Where You Need It

Keeping track of employee time is a hassle and can result in expensive compliance issues when not tracked correctly.

Our integrated time and attendance service allows you to collect and monitor employee hours so you can make better decisions about labor costs without the hassle of exporting hours to enter into the payroll system.

      • Mobile or Physical Clock-based Punching
      • Time Off Approval & Tracking
      • Easy and Efficient Timesheet Change Request Tools
      • Custom Approval Workflows with Proactive Alerts and Messaging
      • Insightful Tracking and Reporting

Multiple Collection Options

Improve your employee experience while capturing accurate labor data using automatic collection options that include our physical time clock, web entry, and location-restricted mobile app.

Our time keeping system gives you the data and tools you need when and where you need them. Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information. Automate the conversion of worked hours to payroll. And enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why.

Real-Time Visibility for Better Exception Management

Automatically flag exceptions such as missed punches, early/late arrivals, and extended or skipped breaks that violate your organization’s policies and alerts managers. Complete automation eliminates timekeeping errors, while real-time calculations help maintain compliance and payroll accuracy.

Paid Time Off Management

PTO tracking is further streamlined when coupled with our timekeeping platform, providing the ability to submit and approve time-off requests through the system, configured with customized notifications and alerts.


Assign and track employee schedules with ease and receive notifications when exceptions policies are in violation. Tools available to fit the most basic to very complex scheduling needs.